Road closure safety fears

Bryn Road bridge
Bryn Road bridge

CHAOS is being caused by a road closure and concerns are being raised for the safety of affected Ashton residents.

Bryn Road has been closed for repairs to a railway bridge and drivers are being diverted along Wigan Road, onto Bolton Road and Bryn Road South.

But this is seemingly being flouted by many, including buses the nearby Stagecoach depot for whom Nicol Road provides a shortcut.

Ashton Councillor Gary Wilkes said: “The depot on Bryn Road has more than 200 buses who have been told not to use Nicol Road but they are 24/7.

“The whole area is chaos and completely gridlocked and because of that motorcyclists are driving on pedestrian footpaths and the 20mph limit is being ignored.

“I am really concerned for the safety of residents and the children going to school.”

Wigan Council undertook a traffic count on Wednesday between 7.30am and 8.30am which established that a shocking 617 cars took the shortcut in the hour as well as 10 buses, two school buses and seven HGVs .

There was no evidence of the speed limit being broken.

The work, which started last Monday and will take four months to complete, is being undertaken by Network Rail to rebuild the railway bridge above Bryn Road.

The council has instructed Network Rail to install temporary width restrictions and 
relating signage on Nicol Road as early as next week in order to stop large vehicles using it.

The majority of issues raised are the responsibility of Network Rail to resolve but the provided hotline is a premium rate number and resident’s are often waiting for hours in long queues.

The SCOOT system which controls traffic using sensors is also exacerbating the problem and Coun Wilkes says it does not allow the traffic to flow, causing the tailbacks.

“The quality of life for residents at the moment is not very good so I want them to put things in place that have been used in other parts of the area,”he added.

The council has commissioned Transport for Greater Manchester to look into the system to see if it can be altered.

Network Rail had not responded to our request for a comment at the time of going to press.