Road gets a big thumbs-up

Traffic flowing through the newly opened Saddle Relief Road, Wigan
Traffic flowing through the newly opened Saddle Relief Road, Wigan

THE new Saddle Junction relief road has gone down well with Wiganers.

For years now, the infamous layout of the gyratory system has caused traffic problems at many times of the day.

The build-up of vehicles on Pottery Road has often meant queues sometimes tailing all the way back along Wallgate and Caroline Street almost to Chapel Lane.

Work won’t be fully completed until early next year but with the new Southgate road opening last week, motorists are already commenting on how much easier it is to travel through the area.

The Evening Post took to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to gauge opinion.

Most of those who offered their views expressed their delight with the new layout but some, including residents of nearby Eleanor Street, raised concerns.

Carl Edwardson said: “So far it’s making my journey from Hindley to Skelmersdale much easier. Knocks about 20 minutes or more off my drive home.”

Mick Dahl added: “As a taxi driver who uses the new road a dozen or so times a day I can honestly say it’s fantastic. Travelling times have been slashed, even when Manchester City came to the DW Stadium last Wednesday evening.

“For a change I can say Wigan Council has done good.”

Sean Prescott said: “It’s knocked a good 20 to 25 minutes off my journey.

“It’s actually good to drive through Wigan now. Well done Wigan Council. Money very well spent.”

But while the majority say they are pleased with the new road, others have voiced concerns about it.

Catherine Meadows said: “It’s rubbish, like I said before as a resident of Eleanor Street the council have thought of everyone else but us.

“They also need a bus stop on the new road for the elderly residents, instead of making them walk from McDonald’s.”

David Swift added: “They need to fix Poolstock Lane, that road is the bane of a lot of people’s lives as it can be ludicrously busy even at so-called quiet times.”