Road hole mystery is deepening ...

John Higham at the hole in the road in Poke Street, Pemberton, which has been there since March
John Higham at the hole in the road in Poke Street, Pemberton, which has been there since March
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A PENSIONER is calling for action to fix a collapsed road outside his Wigan home.

John Higham, 76, fears there could be an accident along Poke Street, in Pemberton, as there is a huge hole in the middle of the road which has been neglected since March.

It is also believed there is a pipe running under the road, causing the hole to fill with water.

But engineers from United Utilities are unable to establish the cause of the leak.

Mr Higham, a former HGV driver, said: “The road started collapsing in March. There is a massive hole and there is water running all the time. It is like a lake.

“It seems to be an old pipe. I think it is a loop beneath the cobbles near the old terraced houses.

“United Utilities need to block the pipe to stop it from running.

“I want them to mend the pipe and fill the hole with concrete.

“It needs putting right as soon as possible as there could be an accident on the road.”

A spokesman for United Utilities said engineers had visited the site but were unable to fix the problem and it is still under investigation.

She said: “We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing. Although we have made a number of visits to site to investigate where this water could be coming from, we haven’t managed to reach any firm conclusions.

“We will arrange to meet with a representative from Wigan Council and carry out a further investigation jointly to try and resolve the matter.”

But ward councillor Paul Prescott has been working with Wigan Council’s public health department to assess the situation and is angry United Utilities have still not sorted out the hole.

He said: “With the original collapse of the road, Wigan Council started an investigation. Tests found that water in the hole was mains water, so it is the responsibility of United Utilities.

“For United Utilities to say that is still under investigation baffles me because we as an authority have done all the work so I don’t understand what is still to investigate.

“Does it really take from March to the end of the year to put this right, because if anything further happened it could possibly undermine the properties foundations.

“United Utilities wants to stand up and get this sorted. The residents are sick of it.”