Road hump row erupts

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ABRAM residents have lost a battle to prevent the march of more sleeping policemen.

Wigan Highways Department bosses have had their controversial scheme for the roads around the new Maypole Colliery Housing Estate approved despite claims from many home owners that the project is a waste of cash and one that will help “wear out” their car suspension and transmissions.

It won’t cost the council a penny, however, because it is being funded by a “planning gain” contribution from the developers of the former colliery site which is known nationwide because of the pit tragedy which befell miners hundreds of feet below the houses more than 104 years ago.

The Regulation Committee’s decision will now clear the way for 22 speed calming ramps to be installed across the Maypole estate on the four main arterial routes - Elm Road, Ashwood Avenue, Park Lane and Kingsdown Road.

They will be placed at even intervals between 80 and 120 metres to maintain reduced vehicles speeds and stop “surfing” where motorists slow to negotiate the hump and then speed up in between them.

The estate will also now become a mandatory 20mph speed limit.

Ward councillors Eunice Smethurst and Carl Sweeney, who acknowledged the objections from residents, still backed its implementation.

More than 860 consultation letters were sent out to residents ... but only 30 per cent responded.

Residents who objected to the council complained that the scheme in unnecessary because there are no schools, few old people or nursing homes.

Director of environmental services Gillian Bishop said: “All humps where possible have been planned for common boundaries of properties to ensure individual residents are not unduly impeded.”