Road rage victim's anger at police

A road rage victim has hit out at police for not investigating an incident in which he was subjected to an abusive tirade from an erratic driver.

Monday, 19th September 2016, 10:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:32 pm
The driver sticks his head out of his car to shout abuse

Stephen Burtonwood said an irresponsible motorist came speeding up behind him before overtaking and then started braking and accelerating unpredictably while repeatedly swearing and making gestures.

The incident happened as Mr Burtonwood, from Leigh, was driving on Wigan Road towards Hindley Green close to the Bickershaw Lane junction.

He has now criticised Greater Manchester Police (GMP) for its lack of response despite the fact he recorded the entire episode on his in-car camera.

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The driver sticks his head out of his car to shout abuse

Mr Burtonwood, 58, said: “I was just travelling along at 30mph when this car came straight up behind me, blowing his horn and shouting obscenities.

“He then overtook me but started slamming his brakes on and slowing down before starting up again. This went on until the industrial estate where he did a handbrake turn onto the road and sat there swearing and giving me all the gestures.

“I just carried on because I had it all on camera and I contacted the police, but before I could go into the station to give them the footage I got a call from the officer basically saying don’t bother.

“I thought it was ridiculous because it could have got really nasty. I wouldn’t have been that bothered but my wife was in the car and she was quite badly shaken.

Stephen Burtonwood

“They said if he was a serial offender he will get caught in the future but if he does it again he could kill somebody.”

The incident happened at around 2.15pm on September 7 and involved Mr Burtonwood’s Vauxhall Mokka, with his wife Susan as passenger, being followed by the other driver in a blue Ford Focus.

The camera footage clearly shows the driver speed past him but almost immediately slam on the brakes, only to then pull away again rapidly.

At one point the other driver’s head and shoulders can be seen fully leaning out of the window and he makes aggressive gestures at other motorists throughout the incident.

The driver sticks his head out of his car to shout abuse

HGV driver Mr Burtonwood said he paid for the technology device, which he has mounted to the rear view mirror, a few months ago as he thought it would help ensure action was taken if he was involved in an incident that was not his fault.

He said: “I decided to get the dashcam because I do a lot of driving at night. I thought if you’ve got something on film the police could do something about it as there wouldn’t be much investigating to do.”

GMP was approached for comment on whether it would be investigating the incident but had not responded as we went to press.

Stephen Burtonwood