Roof comes off nightclub

THE roof is coming off Wigan Pier Nightspot ... literally.

There has been a lengthy delay in the demolition of the famous club but, while from the outside it doesn’t look like much has been done, on the inside there is a lot of work taking place.

The roofless Pier nightclub

The roofless Pier nightclub

The majority of the roof has now been removed, with the part close to the road next to be taken off this weekend.

As a result, a single lane of the one-way system on Pottery Road will be closed on Sunday so this can take place safely.

Much of the demolition’s delay has been down to the stability of a Victorian wall which connects the nightclub to another business.

When announcing the plans back in January, it was hoped that the building would be down in a matter of months but that has been put back due to the issue with the wall.

When initial plans were drawn up, the adjoining property was empty. However, this is not the case anymore and makes the whole demolition a much more drawn out process.

The initial plan was for gables to be erected in the nextdoor building to support the wall, a process which cannot now take place.

A Wigan Council spokesperson said: “We are continuing the demolition of the former Wigan Pier nightclub. We have cleared the inside of the building, and on Sunday April 27, we will remove the reminder of the roof.

“Due to the neighbouring property becoming occupied just before we started carrying out the work, we had to change our demolition plans.

“It means we will have to carry out some internal building work to support the gable wall.

“This will be a significant undertaking and will take a number of weeks. Once that has been completed, the rest of the building will be fully demolished.”

The full demolition of the walls and building interior is expected to take place at the end of June with workers hoping everything else should run according to schedule.

Once the building has been demolished, the nightclub site will initially be restored as a community garden but wider proposals include landscaping the land around the pier and making use of the canal basin as a marina for overnight mooring.

It will also act as the starting point of a Wigan to Southport bike ride along the Leeds-Liverpool canal.