Running in the family

Triplets Andrew, Megan and Rebecca Cunningham with dad Eddie Cunningham, all ready for the Wigan 10k
Triplets Andrew, Megan and Rebecca Cunningham with dad Eddie Cunningham, all ready for the Wigan 10k

Twenty years ago Eddie Cunningham was cheered on by his triplets as he toed the start line of the Amsterdam marathon.

But now Rebecca, Andrew and Megan have pulled on their own running shoes and joined their father in a race.

The triplets - who are now 24 years old and all teachers - took part in the Wigan 10k with Eddie on Sunday.

Eddie has completed the race each year since it started in 2013, but it was the first time all three of his children had joined him.

He said: “It felt great. It was something I have always wanted to do.

“From them being in their teens, they have all been to the gym and done different things, but to do the Wigan 10k with all three of them felt really special.”

Eddie, of Wedgewood Drive, Standish Lower Ground, signed up for his first marathon in Amsterdam in 1997.

He was featured in the Wigan Evening Post, with a photograph of the three children cheering him on.

He said: “It was to get me back into doing something. I have never done a marathon again. I have applied for London a few times but never got in.

“I have done a few half marathons and 10ks. I have done all five Wigan 10ks.”

Andrew and Rebecca had both done the Wigan 10k before, but it was Megan’s first time.

Eddie ran with her and they had aimed to finish in 55 minutes, but Megan crossed the line in under 53 minutes.

He said: “Me and Megan have trained together and last year I trained with Rebecca to get her up to speed.

“I have given up training with Andrew because he is too fast for me.”

The family travelled into Wigan together for the race and were supported by Eddie’s wife and the triplet’s mother Angelita.

Running is now set to be a real family affair and they are looking to enter a 10km race in Mawdesley next month.

And they will all return for the Wigan 10k next year.

Eddie, who works as a telecoms engineer, said: “We will definitely be there next year. They have been talking about beating their times for next year already.

“I’m a bit worried because I don’t think I could go any faster!”

The family appeared in the Wigan Evening Post when the triplets were born at Billinge Hospital in 1993.

They all now work as teachers, with Andrew at Rose Bridge Academy in Ince, Rachel at Westleigh Primary School and Megan at a private school in Clitheroe.

The date of next year’s Wigan 10k has now been announced as Sunday, September 9.

Registration has opened and more than 100 people have already signed up to take part.

To enter or find out more about the event, go to