Savaged in wild pack attack

Vicky Wolsey with her dog Annie
Vicky Wolsey with her dog Annie

A GRANDMOTHER has told of her horror after she and her pet were savaged by three large dogs as they enjoyed a walk in a Wigan park.

Two-year-old springer spaniel Annie needed veterinary treatment for blood loss and deep gashes after being viciously bitten on her chest and legs while on her lead along a public footpath in Haigh plantations on Thursday afternoon.

Owner Vicky Wolsey received bites on her fingers and knuckles as she desperately fought to free her terrified pet from the jaws of three lurcher-cross-type dogs which had launched themselves out of woodland near the canal bridge.

After an agonising five-minute-long attack, their owner, who was swaddled in a hooded parka-type coat which left him largely unidentifiable, managed to prise his dogs off the springer by repeatedly punching his own dogs in the face.

Annie slipped her collar and then bolted home in a state of trauma ... shocked Mrs Wolsey finding her cowering by the rear gate of her Aspull home.

Police today confirmed that they are investigating the attack - which they blame on Irish wolfhound-type dogs - and are making arrangements to take full statements.

It is not yet clear if this is just the latest vicious dog-on-dog attack by the same pack of dogs roaming the Haigh Hall area.

In September a Lhasa Apso called Wallis was viciously attacked by a pack of what were called “hunting-type dogs.”

And then last month a German Shepherd was left needing more than £1,600 worth of veterinary treatment after being attacked by a similar pack in the plantations.

Mrs Wolsey said that they path where Annie was attacked was a popular route used by thousands of people every week to explore Haigh Hall.

And she was anxious to speak out because the owner of the dogs - there were four in the pack but only three were involved in the ambush of Annie - was “clearly not a responsible owner” whose dogs were a threat to humans as well as pets.

She said: “I often walk up this path with Annie and the grandchildren like to come along.

“I would hate to think of what effect this would have had on them if they had been with me when these dogs attacked Annie...they could have been mentally scarred for life or worse, of course.

“I am still trembling myself when I think about what happened - it was like a scene from some kind of horror film.

“We were walking up the footpath near the canal bridge when these lurcher-cross dogs came running out of the woods straight at us.

“One of them had Annie on her back straight away and clamped its teeth into her chest and just wouldn’t let go.

“There was blood all over her fur and she was howling in pain, it was a horrible sight, it really was.

“I tried and tried to get them off her but they took no notice at all and I got bitten on the hand and the knuckles.

“After what seemed like ages but must have been no more than five minutes, this man appeared who was the owner because I had heard somebody shouting ‘come here’ in the distance as they attacked her.

“He ended up punching his own dog full-on in the head and even then it wouldn’t let go at first.

“He never said anything to me, never apologised or anything, but just disappeared back into the woods.

“I was left feeling sick and really frantic - I still don’t feel right 24 hours afterwards.”

Later X-rays at her vets revealed that Annie had escaped the punctured lung Mrs Wolsey initially feared she had sustained.

Although Annie is now so traumatised by the incident she is currently unwilling to leave the house.