Save The Pier launches its own campaign song

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News story

THOUSANDS of determined residents are beginning to strike a chord with their ongoing crusade to preserve the town’s most famous feature.

A poignant song called “Believe it or Not... Save The Pier”, written by Matt Swift, has been produced and put on in tribute to the historical monument.

The lyrics pay honour to the history and importance of the area.

It is the latest means of encouraging land owners to save the important historical reminder of the former power of the borough’s key cotton and coal industries.

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has also backed the campaign and a meeting for residents with representatives from the council and owners the Canals and Rivers Trust is set to be arranged.

Meanwhile a petition, set up by resident Brian Lowe, call for a Pier refurbishment, particularly around the canalside tippler and former The Way We Were museum, has now reached nearly 1,000 signatures.

Ken Scally said: “The Pier is a vital part of our history and culture. Our town was the centre of the canal network, our coal drove the industrial revolution along.

“The first locomotives were built at Haigh foundry in 1812 to take coal from the pits to the Pier.

“Our beautiful flashes are a result of mining subsidence. Our mills developed many inventions and innovations to the textile industry. We must never forget the sacrifices of our forefathers as they struggled through hardships to make a better life for the future generations. The Pier was a focal point for this and must be restored.”

The group’s leader Barry Titler says the area around the famous coal tippler itself, the former nightclub and The Way We Were Museum has become an “eyesore”.

The former Pier Nitespot is soon set to be demolished and replaced with a garden. And there is also the possibility of that section of canal being turned into a marina. And the Canals and Rivers Trust said it is working with the Council on plans to revive the area soon.