Scam victim's blast at '˜light sentence'

Another victim of a rogue Wigan trader has blasted a court's decision not to jail him for his latest scams.

Wednesday, 30th August 2017, 10:42 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:44 pm
Paul Anderton

A borough pensioner contacted the Wigan Post to say that they too had fallen prey to Paul Anderton who took almost £3,000 for “undone or shoddy work.”

The Ashton-in-Makerfield victim took him to court and Anderton was ordered to pay back every penny in monthly instalments.

But lessons had clearly not been learnt, and the resident, who does not wish to be identified, said there had been a failure of the justice system in not giving 50-year-old Anderton, of Violet Street, Ashton, a custodial sentence.

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As it was the judge suspended his 10-month prison term for two years so he could undertake rehabilitation work and fund compensation payments totalling £2,370.

Bolton Crown Court had heard that painter and decorator conned two elderly victims, while professing his Christian values.

He even ferried 89-year-old Lilian Harrison to her bank so she could pay out £500 for extra work at her home.

Anderton, who admitted fraud and consumer protection offences must also perform 100 hours’ community service.

The third victim told the Post: “Paul Anderton took almost £3,000 for undone or shoddy work so I took him to court. He was forced to pay every penny back.

“As you can imagine, after reading of his latest admissions I’m left very, very angry at his light sentence for all the damage he’s caused to so many people.”

Claiming that there are other local victims who have not come forward, the pensioner said: “I can only conclude that our so-called justice system has failed us so very badly and left us to wonder where or who on earth does one turn to in a shocking moment of crisis?

“For a man who has been doing this for years, he has been left to his own devices; let loose to continue taking money from older and vulnerable people by false pretence. It’s more than obvious , there’s no deterrent whatsoever.”

The victim said that Anderton had shown no remorse and congratulated the two women named in the Post article on their bravery in coming forward to make a complaint against him.

But he added: “How on earth must they be feeling? At a guess, totally let down.

“As I found out myself, it wasn’t just about getting my money back. It’s about the mental side of things and what you’re left with.”