School celebrates 75th anniversary

Pupils and teachers past and present at the Deanery High School and Sixth Form are celebrating its 75th anniversary.

To mark the special event a ceremony was held at Wigan Parish Church followed by a reception at the school on Frog Lane.

All former pupils, teachers, staff and associates of the school were invited to attend and enjoy the occasion.

The foundation stone for All Saints School, now The Deanery C of E High School and Sixth Form, was laid by the 27th Earl of Crawford on May 16, 1931.

Margaret Bryant, who attended the celebrations, has fond memories of her time at the school.

Margaret said: "I was seven-years-old when I attended the laying of the foundation stone of the original All Saints School in 1930, so it was a great pleasure to attend the service at the parish church and reception at the Deanery High School.

"We had a wonderful day meeting up with old friends from many years ago."

Janice Rowlands, acting headteacher at the Deanery, said: "We believe it is important to remember what an important part All Saints School has played in the development of Christian schooling in Wigan and this celebration was an expression of thanks to our senior citizens for the contribution they have made to the development of Christian education in the community."