School prowler alert

Standish High School
Standish High School
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A WIGAN school has issued a stranger-danger alert to its pupils.

Standish Community High School sent all parents on its mobile phone database a text message warning them that a man had been seen acting suspiciously in the Primrose Lane area, which is in the vicinity of the Kenyon Road campus.

It advised them to be vigilant and confirmed that the police have been informed.

Head Lynne Fox said: “A pupil reported being approached and asked for the time while in Primrose Lane.

“The pupil felt concerned by the incident and approached a member of staff and was able to give a full description which has now been passed onto police. It may have been nothing, an entirely innocent incident, but it is better to be safe than sorry in such circumstances.

“We have a process in place for such occasions and felt it was right to put it into practice on this occasion and hopefully it will help to keep everybody vigilant.”

One mum who has a daughter at the school - but who didn’t wish to be named - praised the school and its safety procedures.

She said: “My daughter will be OK because she goes straight from the school playground onto a school bus and away.

“But it is certainly worrying for parents whose children walk home from school. As far as I am concerned the school is being responsible, they are very, very good at getting in touch with things that matter.”

A police spokesman said officers were looking into the incident.