Scrambler menace at Haigh Hall

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FAMILIES had to leap aside as scramblers illegally tore around Haigh Hall.

A Whelley woman and her husband, who were in the plantations searching for their lost dog, had to take evasive action when the pair of two-wheeler louts - described as young adults rather than teens - came revving up a pathway towards them.

She later tracked their incursion into the country park to a break in fencing they had forced near to the Durham Street motorbike-proof stile which leads onto the former Whelley Loop Line walkway into the popular site.

The mum-of-two said that it was a particularly dangerous scenario because parents take young children into the woods who won’t be expecting the danger of motorbikes bearing down on them.

She said: “The bike stiles do the job but these people are bypassing them.

“You could see the tyre pattern in the mud where they have come through.

“These two bikes came right at us from the direction of the dam through the trees and they were roaming up and down with free will up and down all the paths in Haigh country park.

“Everybody had to jump out of the way and grab hold of their dogs and their kids because they were going so fast.

“Luckily they are noisy and that raises the alarm but you don’t know which direction they are going to come at you next.”

Aspull New Springs Whelley Coun Chris Ready - who helped to pay for the bike-proof stiles and the pathways with Brighter Borough funding - was pleased that residents are monitoring Haigh Hall Plantations for such incursions.

He said: “I will be making arrangements to have this closed up as quickly as possible.

“Clearly, when you are talking about the loop line route, it is always going to be very difficult to make it secure and bottle things off against scrambler bikes because of the length of it.”

He has now called in the police’s off-road unit and hopes the offending bikes will be “found and crushed.”