Search of canal in Wigan amid fears for dog walker

Emergency services were called at 11.40pm
Emergency services were called at 11.40pm

A search operation was launched amid concerns a dog walker had fallen into the canal in Wigan.

A woman living close to the Dover Lock Inn, on Warrington Road, Abram, heard two splashes at around 11.40pm on Sunday and went to investigate.

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She saw two greyhounds in the water and helped to rescue them, as well as raising the alarm with the emergency services.

Fearing the dogs' owner had fallen into the water, police, firefighters and paramedics attended.

A search operation got under way and the police helicopter was used.

But no-one was found and as the emergency services were leaving at 1.40am, a man arrived to say they were his dogs and they he had lost them in the Platt Bridge area.

Luke McDiarmid, crew manager at Hindley fire station, said: "Obviously we have to go through the motions of conducting a thorough search because until we got that information, it was believed that someone could have fallen in."

It followed a search of the River Douglas after reports a woman had fallen into the water at 10.30pm on Friday.

That was called off when the woman was found "safe and well" elsewhere on Saturday.

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