Second miracle for mum

Bella Potter (2) with mum Gemma and dad Simon
Bella Potter (2) with mum Gemma and dad Simon

A WIGAN mum who was told she would never get pregnant naturally has experienced her second miracle.

Gemma and Simon Potter were devastated when they were told they could not conceive naturally.

But just two years after giving birth to the first baby in the UK using pioneering IVF technology, Gemma received the best shock of her life when she discovered she was five weeks pregnant. And it had happened naturally.

Gemma, 29, who has been married to Simon, 35, for eight years, said: “I have done lots of tests and always been devastated when it was negative, so thought this would be the same. I just wanted to get it out of the way.

“When it read positive, it was such a surprise. We were told that it was categorically impossible for us to conceive, so we were not expecting that.

“I feel amazing – this is so exciting. It is a gift and such a blessing.

“Bella is a bit too young to understand but she points to her tummy or mine and she has nicknamed the baby ‘Jelly Bean’. She was called Peanut when I was pregnant.

“We had a private scan at nine weeks and then another one at 12 weeks.

“Simon and I are in the middle of vetoing baby names.”

Gemma, who is due on Boxing Day, also recently filmed a piece for CNN news channel for a programme called Vital Signs with Dr Sanjay Gupta, regarding Bella’s conception using embryoscope technologies in 2011. The technique uses time-lapse system that allows embryologist to see how the embryo develops so the best one is used to bring on conception.

Gemma, who has her own business, Butterfly Cake, said: “I discussed my experiences and a crew came to our house and there was footage of Bella.

“It is so surreal for us. As far as we were concerned, we went through normal IVF and found out afterwards we were participating in a study and Bella was the first baby to be born.

“We were asked if we would do other media things to do with the technology to focus on the human interest side. Our aim was to raise awareness and help some other families in the future. We see it as a way of paying back for what we received from the IVF treatment.”