Security at fire site is being stepped up

Wharfside apartments - where security is being stepped up
Wharfside apartments - where security is being stepped up

RESIDENTS of the flats which are currently uninhabitable following a large fire have been assured that security has been stepped up.

As the five-storey Wharfside apartments, in Heritage Way, Wigan, remains empty whilst site owners Contour Property Services (CPS) work on refurbishing it for tenants, there have been concerns about it being a thieves’ paradise, as one trespasser has already been caught.

But CPS has promised it is doing all it can to ensure the premises is secure.

Stephen Gallaghan, commercial development manager for Contour Property Services (CPS), said: “We want to reassure everyone that security at Wharfside is a top priority. We have 24 hour security on site with guards patrolling and staffing the gates. The doors to the blocks are locked down electronically and are surrounded by high security fencing. Police patrols are in daily contact with the guards for any unusual activity. No one is allowed access without a prior appointment, and residents are escorted into and out of their flats only. No one is allowed access to any other part of the building.

“We are aware that one resident says that items have gone missing, and we have encouraged them to report it to the police, but unless this is reported, we are unable to investigate it further.

“There was an incident last week where a trespasser was spotted near the site. The security guards challenged him and he fled without gaining access. The police were called and this is now being investigated. Unfortunately, this shows that there are individuals who have no respect for the residents of Wharfside and what they have been through. We remain vigilant and will continue to take every precaution to stop people from preying on residents.”