Security guard caged for raping woman

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A WIGAN security guard who worked in Preston city centre is beginning a six-year jail sentence after a jury found he had raped a woman.

The victim came forward and reported she had been raped and sexually assaulted by Robert Murray, a former security worker in the St John’s Shopping Centre, when she went for a cigarette break from work.

Murray, of Walpole Avenue, Worsley Mesnes, denied two counts of sexual assault and one count of rape during a trial at Preston Crown Court but the jury took a very short time to convict him of the attack behind the bingo hall in Tithebarn Street.

Earlier in the proceedings the victim told the court she met the 34-year-old defendant the day before the alleged attack after meeting her friend for coffee after work.

As the two women walked towards the bus station to make their way home they met Murray, who was dressed in a security uniform.

The court heard Murray began to flirt with the woman’s friend but after a brief chat the two women carried on their way home.

However, the following day, Murray turned up where his victim worked, asking for her friend’s phone number and saying he would set her up on a date if she gave him the information.

Later that day, the woman claims Murray returned to her workplace four of fives times, dressed in a high visibility jacket, and asked her to go for a cigarette with him.

She told a colleague she was taking a break and went outside for a walk with Murray.

As they walked, the security guard continued to ask about the woman’s friend, despite the woman telling him repeatedly her friend was not interested.

The court heard he then asked her to “go with him” but when she said she didn’t want to as she had a boyfriend he told her it would just be “a bit of fun”.

He led her behind the bingo hall and when the woman told him again she did not want to do what he wanted, telling him: “I’m not that kind of person,” Murray forced himself on her.

The jury was shown CCTV from the St John’s arcade showing Murray and the woman walking together out of the shopping centre.

But once they reached the secluded area, out of view of the cameras, Murray turned his attention to her.