Seven years and not one day off sick

Catherine Seddon
Catherine Seddon

A WIGAN girl’s astonishing school attendance record has left her truly top of the form.

Catherine Seddon has just bade an emotional goodbye to teachers at the primary school she clearly adores.

For the New Springs 11-year-old did not miss a single day of school at Cannon Sharples Primary in Whelley during her entire time there.

And that includes the year she spent at its nursery.

Catherine, who lives in Cale Lane with mum Barbara and big brother Nathan, received a special plaque during a Valedictory ceremony at Wigan St John’s Church this week to mark her achievement. She also has eight separate attendence award badges presented to her during her time at the school.

Catherine is now looking forward to life at Standish High and sees no reason why the record won’t continue there.

Proud mum Barbara said: “She has never once asked to be excused going to school. Of course she gets colds and sniffles like every other child but she just loves school and learning and has never been feeling unwell enough not to go. When this record first started we wondered how long it would continue and it has surprised even us that she has managed all her time at nursery and at primary school without having a single day off sick.

“I am very proud of her record but we have never put any pressure on her to go to school if she was genuinely unwell.”

Godfather Vince McCarthy added: “When she walked up to receive the plaque the whole congregation stood up and burst into applause and I have never heard an ovation like it, which was just fantastic. Catherine is a smashing girl and we are all so proud of her.”

Good attendence must run in the family. Her student brother Nathan received a long service award from Ince Rose Bridge ARLFC after completing long unbroken playing service for theier various age group teams.