Seven years and road still not surfaced

Atherton resident Paul Nuttall is unhappy about the state of the road outside his home on Gadbury Fold, Atherton
Atherton resident Paul Nuttall is unhappy about the state of the road outside his home on Gadbury Fold, Atherton

RESIDENTS have blasted developers for leaving roads on a housing estate in an unfinished and dangerous state for as long as seven years.

People living on Gadbury Fold, in Atherton, say pedestrians have been injured and cars badly damaged by the rough concrete and tarmac bases and high kerbs and pavement across around half of the estate.

Following residents’ complaints about the roads in April developers Taylor Wimpey and Morris Homes completed work on the estate’s side streets over the summer, but those living on the main circular route say nothing has been done about access to and from their homes.

Statements from the developers blamed the continuing hold-ups on health and safety issues which needed to be sorted out by Wigan Council and said work would begin soon, but residents say they have been promised an end to the problems before.

Paul Nuttall, 45, said: “We’ve got an eight-inch drop in front of the house and a three-inch gap on the drive.

“My wife has sprained her wrist after falling while walking the dog, I’ve had to have my car replaced because of the suspension getting damaged, which the mechanic said was caused by going over bumps.

“There’s a lot of children on the estate and it’s very dangerous for them. I work in construction and I just think it’s ridiculous, it should have been done when all the house building work was finished 18 months ago.

“We’re trying to sell the house and a couple of potential buyers who’ve come to look at it have said won’t purchase it because of the state of the road. I’m just getting to the end of my tether.”

Mr Nuttall says he estimates as many as half of the roads on the estate still require completion, and expressed frustration that the situation has not allowed Wigan Council to take over responsibility for the roads or force the private developers to do more to finish the estate.

However, an end to the residents’ nightmare looks like it may be close to an end, as the developers confirmed a contractor has been appointed to finish the roads and it is hoped work will begin again soon.

A Taylor Wimpey North West spokesman said: “We are still liaising with the council and working with our joint venture partner, Morris Homes, to rectify the situation concerning the roads at Gadbury Fold.

“We are resolving some outstanding health and safety requirements and this has caused some delay to the work. This information has been passed on to Wigan Council and we expect the works will commence in the next few weeks.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.”

Wigan Council assistant director of infrastructure, Mark Tilley, said: “We have been made aware that the developers have appointed a contractor to undertake the outstanding work 

“We understand from the developers that there has been a delay as they are waiting for the appointed contractor to provide them with the relevant health and safety documents they require before work can commence.”