Sex attack victim’s parents ‘let down’

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Picture posed
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THE parents of a Wigan student who was the victim of an alleged school sexual assault say they have been let down by the justice and education system.

Their teenaged son accused a peer of the attack at a borough high school earlier this year, leading to a multi-agency investigation.

Measures should have been in place to stop this happening. Now we feel that nothing has been done about it and he has got away with it


But no action can be taken because the alleged offender, also a teen, has a single-figure mental age and therefore falls under the threshold of criminal responsibility, the couple told the Evening Post.

Their son, who also has a single figure mental age, has now been taken out of school while the other student remains.

One parent said: “Measures should have been in place to stop this happening. Now we feel that nothing has been done about it and he has got away with it.

“My son is the one who has had to uproot and leave the school. It’s disgusting and not fair. He’s the victim in all of this. We think this other boy should be the one who is taken out and schooled by himself.

“We don’t want this to happen again to somebody else.”

The alleged attack is said to have taken place in the school’s toilets.

The council, speaking on behalf of the school, said action was taken since the incident but did not explain specifically what measures have been put in place.

James Winterbottom, director of children’s services, said: “All matters regarding safeguarding in any of our schools are taken very seriously.

“Any alleged incident is always fully investigated by the school and appropriate authorities. In this case the local authority was satisfied that the school took the appropriate measures.”

The age of criminal responsibility in the UK is 10, meaning any child below this age cannot be charged for breaking the law. Although they can be subject to curfew or safety orders.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman told the Evening Post: “After GMP received a report of a sexual assault in Wigan, a multi-agency investigation was launched and both parties were spoken to.

“Following this, it was deemed inappropriate to begin criminal proceedings.

“A decision was made to take no further action due to specific vulnerabilities and the parents of both parties have been informed.”

The parents added: “We want him out of that school. It is like they are saying what has happened is okay.”