Sex fiend is jailed for eight years

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An ILLEGAL immigrant who raped a terrified young woman in a deserted narrow side street has been jailed for eight years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the victim, who had gone out with friends to celebrate her 26th birthday in Leigh, had feared she was going to die during the attack.

The young mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is now afraid of going out alone, even shopping, her relationship with her partner has been affected and she has been prescribed anti-depressants and counselling.

Jailing Majid Mullaaga, age 29, Judge Graham Morrow, QC, said: “I am sure you were looking for a woman to have sex with that night.”

He said he was not sure Mullaaga, who had been hanging around for half an hour, had targeted the young woman before she left her friends.

But once she walked down the road alone and turned into Hilden Street “you ran after her having identified your target.

“You knew she was likely to be under the influence of alcohol, you tried to buy sex from her but when she refused you forced yourself on her.

“You grabbed her from behind and put your hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.”

The woman had gone into the narrow road to urinate and was crouching down when he grabbed her and sexually assaulted her.

Robert Golinski, prosecuting, said that the victim feared for her life and did not struggle but her screaming alerted a passer-by.

Mullaaga had relaxed his grip slightly and she managed to escape and run to the passer-by in tears.

Mullaaga, of Manley Park, Leigh, denied raping the woman in the early hours of July 31 last year but was convicted after a week long trial last month.

Judge Morrow ordered Mullaaga, who has no previous convictions, to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

He did not order his deportation as the length of the sentence means he will be automatically deported after his sentence.