Sex-starved dad filmed lewd shots of mums in playground

Crime story
Crime story
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A SEX-starved man sneakily used his mobile phone to take dozens of images of women’s cleavages and up their skirts, a court heard.

David Ince was caught out while doing the same thing in a primary school playground while mums were dropping their children off.

Another father spotted Ince acting oddly, holding his phone by his knees and apparently filming a mother and two weeks later saw him again secretly filming a woman from behind in the same playground.

The next week he pointed Ince out to a woman constable, who was also dropping her child off, and they both saw him walk up to another female wearing a low cut top.

He was holding his phone at shoulder height pointed in the direction of her breasts, said Simon Duncan, prosecuting.

Uniformed officers arrived to arrest him after that June 26 incident and when his phone was examined it was found to contain 75 video clips showing shots of females chests and up skirts.

They had been taken in public places including supermarkets and hotels and when interviewed Ince said that there were also such images on his other mobile phone and his computer.

Mr Duncan said: “He told police he had been having difficulties in his relationship and as result of the difficulties got into this pattern of offending. He said he was having trouble coping because of there was no intimacy in his relationship.”

He said he had been engaging in that sort of activity for two years and admitted that while on a school trip with his daughter had filmed one of the mothers because he found her attractive, said Mr Duncan.

Ince, 37, of Cross Lane, Newton-le-Willows, pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court to three offences of outraging public decency.

Sentencing him Judge Mark Brown said: “Your behaviour can best be described as lewd and disgusting.

“As it happens the women themselves were unaware of what was going on and have no knowledge of the fact of being abused in this way.

“You were going around various public places taking photographs of either their cleavage or up their skirts and it is clear from what is said in the pre-sentence report it was done for sexual gratification.”

Judge Brown said he accepted that at the time Ince, who has no previous convictions, was going through a difficult period in his life with problems in his relationship and stress at work as well as suffering from depression.

He praised Ince’s partner who had written a letter supporting him but not making excuses for him, which boded well for his future rehabilitation.

He placed him under supervision for three years with attendance on the rigorous Northumbria sex offenders treatment programme and imposed a five year ASBO restricting his use of his phone as a camera in certain public places.

Ince was also ordered to pay £450 towards the prosecution costs.

Martyn Walsh, defending said that Ince has a responsible job and his partner is standing by him.