Shamed soldier who swallowed two goldfish

James Steel in Afghanistan
James Steel in Afghanistan
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THE girlfriend of a shamed soldier at the centre of a ‘neknomination’ scandal is from Wigan.

Millions of Facebook users witnessed 25-year-old James Steel down two live goldfish swimming in a pint of Foster’s beer as part of the controversial drinking game.

The paratrooper, who carried Baroness Margaret Thatcher’s coffin, wore a bright pink swimsuit to film his task at his other half’s home in Wigan.

It has been suggested that the girlfriend, who has asked not to be identified, is now caring for the fish since he regurgitated them after the stunt.

James completed the game which was then posted on the social networking site after being challenged by a pal. The footage shows the Afghanistan soldier smiling at the camera before “necking” the concoction. He then attempts to bring the fish back up by being sick in the bath before nominating two other friends.

This comes after the RSPCA launched animal cruelty investigations into people who film themselves downing goldfish as part of the bizarre drinking game. The animal welfare charity had received numerous complaints. NekNominate involves people filming themselves downing alcohol or other substances.