Shark death inquest held

Gemma and Ian Redmond on their honeymoon in the Seychelles
Gemma and Ian Redmond on their honeymoon in the Seychelles

A WIGAN bride whose husband was killed in a shark attack on their honeymoon in the Seychelles was told that such incident are “virtually unheard of”.

At an inquest into the death of 30-year-old Ian Redmond, his wife Gemma was told by the Acting High Commissioner for the Seychelles, Bernard Silver, that before the tragedy last year, there had been no such attacks in 50 years.

Mr Redmond died after being attacked at a popular beach on the island of Praslin when he became the second victim in two weeks following the death of a 36-year-old French tourist.

Mr Redmond and his wife were relaxing just 10 days after they were married when he was attacked by a shark while snorkelling.

The court heard that a post mortem carried out in the Seychelles revealed that Mr Redmond’s death was caused by shock and severe wounding to the left limbs caused by shark bites.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, the deputy Corner for Greater Manchester. Alan Walsh said: “Ian Redmond was an intelligent, energetic, dedicated and successful young man.

“He was in the prime of his life and looking forward to his marriage and career.

“He lost his life in tragic and horrific circumstances in a time when he was at his happiest.

“It is unimaginable to think of the trauma his wife, family and friends have gone through and they have my deepest condolenses and sympathy.”