Shelley sheds her locks for mum

Shelley Topping head shave in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support at St Patrick's ARLFC:  Shelley Topping and her mum Rose Crook who has cancer
Shelley Topping head shave in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support at St Patrick's ARLFC: Shelley Topping and her mum Rose Crook who has cancer

A LOVING daughter has had all her hair shaved off to raise funds for her terminally ill mum.

Shelley Topping of Spring View earned more than £600 for Macmillan Nurses after shedding her locks to empathise with mother Rose Crook, who will shortly lose hers because of chemotherapy.

The 58-year-old was given the news that her breast cancer was terminal just a couple of months ago.

And ever since, Shelley, 33, has been rallying around to help her mum in anyway she can. She said: “I just want to be there to support my mum and so have planned many events. I’m really glad I did it although when I first told my mum I was going to shave my hair off she wasn’t sure whether I should and she didn’t want me to do it.

“I explained though that my hair would grow back more quickly than hers and that I really wanted to do it. I am determined to keep it short as well until my mum’s hair starts growing back.

“It made mine and everybody’s day that she was well enough to attend the event - she made it so special. She was so chuffed when I finally did it though - she couldn’t believe that I would do something so drastic for her. My head just feels so weird now though as it’s all stubbly. In fact I can’t believe it’s growing back already!”

Rose was first diagnosed with two different types of cancer in each breast in July after a it was found during a routine mammogram.

She was scheduled to undergo a double mastectomy shortly after but a body scan found that the cancer had travelled into her bones and Rose received the devastating news that it was now incurable.

Rose is currently receiving eight sessions of chemotherapy at The Christie hospital before she is told whether or not she is strong enough for the operation. If everything goes well, this could prolong her life for years.

Shelley said: “It came as such a big shock to us all as there were no symptoms or signs of the cancer before hand.

“We’re all staying really positive for her though and have high hopes that she will be able to have the operation early next year - it depends on how well she responds to the treatment.

“She’s doing so well though I’m really proud of her. The first chemo had made her really poorly but she’s grown strong and is really fit again. Mum has had her second dose of chemo now and she’s feeling a lot better.

“It’s good that she’s staying really strong in herself.”

Despite the devastating news, Rose has received much support from her family and co-workers at Primark in the town centre.

Store bosses have decided to hold a Breast Cancer Awareness day in the Wigan shop and Rose will hosting it. Not only this, Shelley will also be completing a sponsored sky-dive for her mum next year.

Not only this, Rose has a new addition to add to her list of grandchildren.

Shelley added: “My sister, Clare, has just had a little baby which has really cheered my mum up!

“The whole family just want to rally around and keep strong for my mum. We’ll just carry on and keep our fingers crossed!”

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