Shops hit by spate of cruel burglaries

The mess made by thieves who broke into Restore Cleaning's office in Pemberton
The mess made by thieves who broke into Restore Cleaning's office in Pemberton

A spate of burglaries have been carried out at shops across the borough.

Targets included Restore Cleaning in Pemberton and the Oxfam shop on Bradshawgate in Leigh which either had their front doors smashed or opened with a crowbar.

The mess made by thieves who broke into Restore Cleaning's office in Pemberton

The mess made by thieves who broke into Restore Cleaning's office in Pemberton

Both shops had items stolen and were left in a complete mess by the unknown offenders.

Restore Cleaning was ransacked on Monday, December 12, night when the offenders used a crowbar to pull the door frame away from the wall.

They trashed the office, stealing £80 in cash and a laptop but also left six of the company’s hoovers outside which were then ruined by rain.

Rachel Seddon, who owns Restore Cleaning with husband Neil, said: “Our door frame is set into bricks, so what they have done is used a crowbar to pull the door frame off and the whole frame has come away with the door still locked.

“Even though I have got about a million bolts on the door they have still managed to come in.

“They took about £80 in cash and a laptop from my desk.

“We have lots of hoovers which they had piled up outside so I am guessing they were planning on taking them and must have got spooked.

“But they left them outside so they are ruined.

“They left my office in a total mess.

“I just don’t understand why they have done it, considering the punishment they would get if they got caught.

“I never thought anything of keeping cash in the shop but I hope other people are more vigilant.”

The Oxfam shop was also broken into and several donated items including jewellery and ornaments were taken from the shop.

The manager, who asked not to be named, said: “I was called by the police to come down. They had broken in through the front door through the main glass panel.

“When the police rang they said to go to the shop but not to go in and when me and my husband arrived they were still inside.

“When the police arrived they had escaped out the back though.

“They had trashed the whole back room, broken the till and took the drawer even though there was no money in it.

“They tried the main safe but couldn’t get into it and have trashed the upstairs.

“They broke all the locks on the cupboards and doors.

“They got away with a bit of jewellery and some ornaments that were of some value.

“We had to close for two days while the repairs were done, that is the most annoying bit especially as it is Christmas.

“It is the second burglary we’ve had, we were broken into on October 31, Halloween. They broke a smaller pane at the front but they only took the collection box.

“I reckon the jewellery and ornaments taken this time were worth roughly £200-£250, there was a gold watch that had just come in and some jewellery which wasn’t really expensive, but the necklaces would have got around £15 each and there were three of them so it adds up.

“But we’ve also lost the takings from the two days we had to close and the cost of the repairs, all because of some nasty trick.”

Another cleaning company in Pemberton is also believed to have been broken into in the past fortnight, while GMP Wigan East posted on their Facebook page that Christmas gifts had been taken from the food bank at Kingsleigh Methodist Church in Leigh.

Anyone who may have witnessed any of the incidents is asked to call police on 101.