Shot cat goes missing

Owner Gillian Entwistle with Nathan
Owner Gillian Entwistle with Nathan

A FAMILY cat has gone missing just days after it was shot by an air rifle thug.

Gillian Entwistle and Rose Woodcock fear for the life of their beloved Nathan who vanished shortly after being treated at the vet’s for two serious pellet wounds.

The neighbours, who share the pet, have been searching now for more than three weeks.

Rose, 64, said: “I miss him a lot. It’s been absolutely dreadful for everybody as there were so many people who knew him. Everybody is really upset, not just Gill and me.

“It was a horrific day when I got the phone call from Gill.

“He’s a right little character and everybody on the estate is always asking if he has been found yet, they all think he’s a cheeky little thing.

“My own cat cries for him still and goes out every day and night looking for him. I just really wish he would return home safe and sound.”

Nathan was initially found injured in the garden of Rose’s home in Ince Hall Avenue, Higher Ince, last month.

When taken to the vet’s in Standish it was discovered his injuries were from two pellets being fired from an air rifle.

Gillian, 47, said: “He was under a pile of hay and wouldn’t move. Every time one of us tried to comfort him he became aggressive and that isn’t like him at all. I’ve never heard an animal scream in pain so much in my entire life - he looked terrified.”

Not only has Nathan given years of happiness to his owner, he has also brought together two friends for life.

Gill has housed Nathan for more than nine years and met Rose early last year when they found that he had been travelling to both homes.

Rose added: “When he first came knocking on my patio door way back last year, I wondered if he belonged to anybody.

“When I found he was Gill’s we ended up bonding, and have since become really good friends. It’s amazing how such a little cat can have such a big impact - I have met lots of lovely people through this one cat.

“He now has a basket of toys at mine, he comes for a kip and some food during the day and then goes to Gill’s at night.”

If anyone has any information about Nathan’s whereabouts, please ring 07729 367144 or 01942 492472.