Sick pervert jailed for 25 years

Kevin Gibbons
Kevin Gibbons

THE pervert who subjected two Wigan women to horrific sexual and emotional ordeals has been described by a judge as “manipulative, controlling, obsessive and domineering.”

Kevin Gibbons had claimed he “lived by the word of God and practised his teachings.” But Judge David Aubrey told him: “What you said in evidence was a complete and utter charade. You were not motivated by loving, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard Gibbons raped both women and imprisoned them and the judge said that had destroyed their free will and choice.

His first victim said she feels he has “sucked the life out of me” and the judge said she remains extremely fragile. His other victim, whom he raped while she was pregnant and just after she gave birth and made her breast-feed him, had a breakdown and for a time was suicidal.

On one occasion he forced her to have sex and filmed it then threatened to reveal it to others.

His terrorising behaviour, which included stalking, came to light when by a twist of fate both women ended up living in the same street and the police learnt of their ordeals.

Gibbons was described by the judge as remaining a significant risk of causing serious sexual and psychological harm to women. He imposed a 25-year sentence involving 19 years’ imprisonment with six years’ extended licence. He will have to serve at least two thirds of the 19 years but it will be up to the Parole Board to decide when he no longer poses a risk to the public and can be freed.

Gibbons, of Rivington Avenue, Standish, was found guilty of 11 offences after a three-week trial. Seven jury members returned to court to see him being sentenced.

Gibbons, who denied all offences, was convicted of three rapes, two false imprisonment, three indecent assaults, a stalking charge and two of child cruelty. The court heard that the cruelty offences involved him holding a baby by the ankles and swinging it around and threatening to drop it on its head. He also swung the infant around in its car seat and threatened to let go.

The stalking saw Gibbons bombarded his first victim with numerous letters and notes and when she stopped up her letterbox he put them on her car. He regularly drove past and parked by her home and place of work, said Henry Riding, prosecuting.