Sigh of relief as Wigan hotel appears on TV show Four In A Bed

A Wigan hotel is in the running for reality TV honours after it fared a lot better than its new owner expected it to.

Thursday, 25th October 2018, 3:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th October 2018, 4:13 pm
Holland Hall head receptionist Genice Hall and breakfast supervisor Cathy Hudson on Four in a Bed

Holland Hall Hotel in Up Holland is featuring in this week’s serial of the hit Channel Four show Four in a Bed and owner Bill Kenyon admits that entering it was a bit of a gamble.

Other news: Attempted murder suspect due in court over house fireWho wins the trophy will be decided in tomorrow’s final episode, each of the four venues’ representatives having by then tried out each others’ facilities.

And proprietor Bill Kenyon agreed to “lift the publicity duvet” on the show after his fears that other contenders would slate the in-development bar, restaurant and rooms proved to be unfounded.

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For fellow hotel and B&B owners allayed his fears, with a range of “10” scores, and two of the three couples assessing the 1650s-originated building saying they’d happily stay again.

“When they filmed, it was just becoming a building-site - although we managed to hide much of the disarray - and the only real criticisms were over the quality of a breakfast sausage and a fluke incident when a room ventilator fan displaced some dust on a bathroom towel.

“Awards of 10 for cleanliness say a great deal, as does equally high ratings for the management team of Genice Hall and Cathy Hudson,” said Mr Kenyon.

“I’m spending the thick end of three-quarters of a million on refurb, rebuild and re-development.

“I expected us to get hammered, but the ratings were pretty good: I’m effectively spending quarter of a million on each star the hotel has, but I could have left it as it was and still rated highly.

“Actually, no, seriously, we learnt a great deal, which in turn influenced some of our design and development ideas, and we’re getting some big thumbs-ups from customers and guests as we move through the upgrade phases.”

See how Holland Hall Hotel is rated in comparison to the three other establishments at 5pm on Channel Four tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the hotel accommodation wing will close for two weeks early in 2019 for refurbishment of the 36 guest rooms, after which the project will be almost complete.

“Work is going to plan and is on schedule for the public areas of the hotel: we’re recreating a traditional pub having acquired and started to install the bar and interior fittings of a Victorian-era pub, and our restaurant, which will be both high-quality and good value, with a former Michelin star kitchen chef, is nearing completion,” said Mr Kenyon.