Sisterly row ends in bloody nose

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A FIGHT between two sisters in Wigan resulted in one sibling suffering a bloody nose and the other hauled in front of magistrates.

Sharon Halliwell, of Longridge Avenue, Standish, pleaded guilty to assaulting her sister when she appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ Court.

Jayne Kearsley, prosecuting, said that on February 17, a fight broke out between the defendant and her sister, Susan Halliwell, resulting in the former punching and kicking the victim.

She said: “The mother saw the defendant kick her sister in the leg and saw her punch towards her.

“There were no visible injuries, but blood could be seen coming from Susan’s nose.”

Halliwell, 36, was then arrested and admitted at the police station that she had been drinking cider and had got into an argument over her sister’s problems with alcohol.

Mrs Kearsley added: “Halliwell could not remember kicking or punching her sister, but said it was likely to have happened.

“She added that she was frustrated when the aggrieved lied about her drinking, but admitted she had no right to assault her sister in the way that she did.”

Rob Haygarth, defending, said that the pair shared care of their father, who has Alzheimer’s.

Halliwell had gone to her father’s house after receiving a call from her sister, saying that he was being particularly difficult.

Halliwell reassured her sister and warned her not to turn to alcohol, but on returning to the house, she found that she had been drinking.

Mr Haygarth said: “It is a sad situation and the family are distressed, as it is difficult coping with a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

“It took its toll on both parties.

“The defendant accepts that they fell out,

“They have a volatile relationship and each has hit each other in the past.”

Halliwell was given a conditional discharge for two years, and ordered to pay £50 compensation, £15 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.