Sisters’ acts of kindness are a lesson to us all

Elodie and Sophia donate food to The Brick
Elodie and Sophia donate food to The Brick

A Wigan family has embarked on a remarkable journey designed to teach their little ones all about kindness towards others.

During the summer holidays, Emma and Matt Lawrence and their two young daughters Elodie, three and Sophia, six, have been taking part in a six week programme called “Camp Kindness”.

The scheme includes a whole host of activities which aim to promote kindness and empathy towards others including litter picking, taking presents to sick children at Wigan Infirmary and donating food to a food bank.

Emma, from Pemberton, said: “They have loved it. They are doing a fantastic job.

“I think the most important things we can teach our children are kindness, empathy, compassion and gratitude and this project is a fantastic way to help develop these traits.

“Not only are my girls thoroughly enjoying the activities but I do believe it has really give them a sense of purpose during the long break.”

Sophia, who is going to Year Two at St Matthew’s Primary School in Highfield, has been helping to guide her younger sister as the pair document their summer adventures in a scrapbook.

Other activities they have completed include setting up a stall outside our house and making smoothies and cakes to give away for free, writing happy messages in chalk on the ground for others to see, making bookmarks and leaving them for others to find in library books, decorating stones and leaving them for children to find in a park.

Camp Kindness is produced by a company called The Kindness Elves, and includes daily projects for children to complete as they go along.