‘Sleeping’ policeman investigation

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GREATER Manchester Police are probing z-z-z-zed car claims ... after a Wigan traffic patrolman was surreptitiously snapped by an angry member of the public.

The officer appears to be enjoying 40 winks after parking up in the car park outside the DW Gym at Robin Park while allegedly still on paid operational duty.

Taken by an non-plussed tax payer with his mobile camera phone at breakfast time on May 1, the embarrassing image soon went viral after being uploaded onto Facebook.

Inset was a close-up picture of the officer, head back, eyes closed, mouth open, apparently enjoying a nap.

The Facebook caption emblazoned across it suggests the picture provides a “whole new meaning to the term SLEEPING POLICEMAN”.

It goes on to ask: ‘Is there no crime about? Share this and shame him!!!!’

And it soon garnered a string of condemnatory comments from angry members of the public concerned that, in a time of great financial pressure, such incidents would represent an unacceptable waste of police resources.

Police chiefs did not respond to questions about whether the officer had been on operational duty at the time the photograph was taken.

They would only, in a carefully worded briefest of statements, confirm a probe was under way.