Slow down for summer says council

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DRIVERS are being urged to be extra careful during the hot weather as children flock outdoors.

With the warmer weather and lighter nights, Wigan Council is encouraging more drivers to stick to 20 mph on residential streets.

The council introduced 20mph speed limits in several residential areas across the borough earlier this year to help keep pedestrians safe.

Lord Peter Smith, leader of Wigan Council, said: “With longer, warmer days finally upon us, more and more people will choose to spend time outside, cycling, walking, or if you’re a child ‘playing out’.

“We want all of our residents, particularly children and young people, to be able to enjoy summer activities safely. That’s why we introduced the 20 mph speed limit – to improve road safety and in doing so, prevent collisions and accidents.”

Speed is a significant factor in collisions where people are killed and seriously injured. Lowering residential speed limits to 20mph has been found to decrease child pedestrian accidents, and, where collisions do occur, there is a lower risk of serious or fatal injury at lower speeds.

The move has been backed by the road safety charity Break. Julie Townsend, Brake’s deputy chief executive, said: “One of the best ways to protect kids on foot and bike is to slow maximum traffic speeds to 20mph around homes, schools and shops, to create a safe haven for walking and cycling.”

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