Smoke grenade used in burglary attempt

The Co-operative, Shevington - scene of an attempted burglary
The Co-operative, Shevington - scene of an attempted burglary
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POLICE are hunting bungling burglars who attempted to steal a cashpoint from a convenience store.

However, the group managed to foil their own plan when they threw a smoke grenade into the shop, in what is believed to be an attempt to blur the CCTV footage, which triggered the smoke alarm and alerted the fire service.

At 4.30am, four men pulled up to the front of the Co-Op on Gathurst Lane, Shevington in a stole white Mercedes van. The group proceeded to break into the store by smashing the front shutter and then the glass door.

Their plan was to drag the mobile cashpoint, adjacent to the entrance inside the shop, out and drive off. But they scarpered when their smoke bomb set off the fire alarm.

Firefighters from Wigan attended the scene and immediately alerted the police, who spent yesterday monitoring CCTV footage.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said; “The four offenders can be seen dragging the machine out the store.

“They approached the car park in a stolen van and forced their way through the shutters before smashing the window.”

Two of the offenders were wearing dark clothing, while it is thought the other two were wearing light paper suits.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.