Smoker fined for littering

Crime story
Crime story

A WIGAN man has been ordered to pay £157 after being caught dropping a cigarette butt.

Robin David Foard, 42, of Action Street, was seen by environmental enforcement officers patrolling on behalf of the council throwing it to the floor in the town centre in October.

He appeared before Wigan and Leigh Magistrates this week after ignoring a fixed penalty notice, revealed Gary Crawford, prosecuting on behalf of Wigan Council.

Foard told the bench that he didn’t ordinarily drop litter but had decided against using the nearest bin to dispose of the cigarette because “three dubious looking gentlemen” were leaning on it.

He admitted: “I know now that I really should have put it somewhere more practical.”

A former kitchen installer, he said he had been out of work since September and asked the bench for leniency if they were considering fining him.

He lives on combined benefits of £375 a month, Foard told JPs.

Foard was fined £37 and told to make a £100 contribution towards the costs of prosecution along with a £20 victim surcharge payment.

The prosecution was brought under the Environmental Protection Act.