Snarl-ups blamed on dim lights!

Queuing vehicles at the temporary traffic lights at the junction of Scot Lane, Challenge Way and Stadium Way
Queuing vehicles at the temporary traffic lights at the junction of Scot Lane, Challenge Way and Stadium Way
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MOTORING mayhem has descended on Wigan after temporary traffic lights proved far less intelligent than the proper ones!

The junction of Scot Lane and Marsh Green has been witness to scenes of chaos this week as junction improvements took an unexpected turn.

And drivers, who have found their journeys agonisingly extended by up to an hour, were today warned that the troubles could continue until tomorrow at the earliest.

As part of junction improvement works at the Scot Lane/Challenge Way/Stadium Way intersection, Transport for Greater Manchester workers have in recent days been installing new traffic lights there.

But once the old lights were taken down, excavations revealed that the electricity supply to them was unsafe and needed replacing.

The new standards have been installed but until engineers have upgraded the power, they are having to make do with a temporary set.

And unlike the “dynamic” permanent lights, which can communicate with each other and their phasing be adapted to traffic conditions, the temporary ones are on a simple programme which is clearly causing problems.

A spokesman for Transport for Greater Manchester said: “We are sorry for any inconvenience but we are having to address this extra problem of the electrical supply to the junction which we found not to be safe.

“We have a duty to provide temporary in the meantime which are not so adaptable to traffic conditions. The new lights should be up and working by the end of the week.”

But these words didn’t soothe the mood of some local motorists.

One told the Evening Post: “The temporary lights are a shambles. How anybody could not see it would cause uneven traffic flow is beyond me. There is no traffic heading towards Robin Park, so the roundabout at Marsh Green becomes redundant and traffic just backs up far too much. The temporary light sequence has caused chaos and it took me half an hour to get from the cinema to Beech Hill. It is ridiculous.”

Another added: “It was a complete standstill. The temporary lights were only letting a couple of cars through at a time. I was late for work as were a lot of people I imagine. They should have at least put up some signs to say that there was going to be a delay.

I was stuck in the middle of Marsh Green not knowing if there had been an accident or something like that.

And the queue was only getting bigger and bigger. On Monday there were no lights working at all and it was better then!”