‘Snatch and grab raids are hindering my business’ says Wigan shop owner

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A fed-up Wigan store owner has hit out at shoplifters after claiming to be on the receiving end of a string of anti-social behaviour problems.

Hemn Abdulla, who runs a convenience store in Ince, spoke out after a snatch-and-grab raid on Tuesday evening.

Ince Convenience Store

Ince Convenience Store

CCTV footage shows the split seconds in which an offender walks through the door, picks up a 12-pack of lager and heads out again without making any attempt to pay.

The picture clearly picks up the man, who is described by police as white, in his 20s, of slim build and wearing a grey Nike hooded top and tracksuit bottoms of the same colour.

Mr Abdulla says the incident at Ince Convenience Store around 7pm is one of dozens of similar petty crimes committed in his two stores in recent months and he has had enough of offenders hindering his business.

He said: "My shops have been targeted so many times.

An image of the shoplifter on CCTV

An image of the shoplifter on CCTV

"It’s been going on for the past two months or so.

"I’ve had my car damaged, things in the shop have been damaged, windows have been broken and I’ve had things stolen. I would say there has been about £5,000 damage to property.

"It’s exhausting having to put up with this."

Mr Abdulla suggests his shops have been picked out by a group of individuals well known for anti-social behaviour in Ince.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed they received a report of shoplifting at around 8.10pm on Tuesday, January 30 and a pack of Carling beer had gone.

The crime has now been filed on the police system.