Social media concern over 'stabbing' in Wigan Park was film crew

Mystery ‘emergency service workers’ seen in one of Wigan’s best-known green spots have been identified as actors.

Saturday, 13th April 2019, 11:51 am
Updated Saturday, 13th April 2019, 12:59 pm
The image posted on social media

Social media became concerned there had been a stabbing in Mesnes Park last Sunday after photos appearing to be ambulance and police personnel were posted.

The image showed a rapid response vehicle and someone in the bandstand at the outdoor haven being treated.

A police officer also appeared to be at the scene while a youngster was comforted by an adult.

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However, it can now be revealed that there was actually filming going on at Mesnes Park.

A charity based in Trafford called Challenge 4 Change visited Wigan as a location for its new video campaign seeking to address youth violence.

The image caused some consternation and bafflement as Facebook messages even suggested there had been a fatality in the park.

However, when a journalist from the Wigan Post visited the scene just a couple of hours after the alleged incident the park was deserted.

This immediately made it clear there had been no serious act of violence as the bandstand would have been taped off and the area guarded by a heavy police presence, possibly with forensics detectives in full body suits there, had that happened.

It is now clear that it was actually the team from Challenge 4 Change seeking to address the concerning issue of young people become embroiled in violent incidents.

Eagle-eyed observers had suggested it was most likely filming was the explanation for the Mesnes Park photograph as a microphone stand could be spotted behind all the people in the shot.