Social media furore over arrest of man

Wigan Lane. Taken from Google Maps
Wigan Lane. Taken from Google Maps

A HEAVILY drunk man sparked concern after police swooped in to arrest him for breach of the peace.

Facebook was awash with chatter after police were called to Wigan Lane, near the Bel Air hotel, at around 3pm on Tuesday.

Witnesses spoke of their shock as police were seen detaining a man, described as barefooted.

One Facebook user posted he thought the man had a gun, but Greater Manchester Police dismissed the claim stating the 51-year-old man was under the influence of drink and was arrested for breach of the peace.

He said: “An officer and two PCSOs located a man who was intoxicated and had no shoes on his feet.

“There was concern for him so we called an ambulance to make sure he was okay.

“There was no threat or violence. He was handcuffed as he was resisting arrest. He was kept in custody for breach of the peace.”