Social services gets thumbs up from its users

WIGANERS have given social services the thumbs up when it comes to adult care, a report has revealed.

The Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey revealed that at least 90 per cent of Wiganers are “satisfied” with the care they receive in the borough.

Over 40 per cent of people who received some form of social care last year filled in a questionnaire and the results revealed that on the whole people are happy with the service they received.

The survey showed that less than one per cent of people questioned were ‘extremely dissatisfied’ with the service and 75 per cent were ‘extremely satisfied’ by the way on which social services staff helped them.

The survey also showed that the best way in which the services help people is in making them ‘feel safe and secure’ and with meals.

Wigan Council’s Director of People’s Services Nick Hudson, said: ““Wigan Councilis committed to providing the very best range and quality of services it possibly can.

“We are committed to providing the best value for money to the council taxpayer.

“We really appreciate this kind of feedback from the people who use our services because it tells us what we are doing well and where we can improve.

“We believe that the design and provision of support services for people who adult social care needs should be done as part of a conversation between the person receiving the services and those providing. We undertake our own consultation with users to ensure we are meeting their needs.

“Whilst it is pleasing to note that in this survey, 90 per cent of those who responded were at least ‘satisfied’ with the services they receive. We are not complacent however and we know there are things we can do better.”