Sort this eyesore

Neglected house on Sycamore Ave
Neglected house on Sycamore Ave

IT has been empty for two years - and now neighbours have had enough of this blot on the landscape.

The property on Sycamore Avenue, Golborne, which is owned by Quadrant Properties, has attracted graffiti, litter and vandalism, forcing the owners to board the windows and introduce razor wiring.

Neighbour Barbara Lavin has described the house as an “ongoing nightmare” and has urged the owners to attend to it immediately.

She said: “The property is an absolute eyesore. Not only has it been boarded up but is also part surrounded with razor wire, which is like living in a concentration camp.

“It is an ongoing nightmare for me and other residents and we just want something done to it to make it look acceptable. It’s attracted litter and graffiti and it is about time something is done.”

Wigan Council have been in touch with Quadrant Properties and have offered support in rectifying the situation.

Neighbours were again left fuming though when graffiti was covered up with pink paint.

Mike Litherland, speaking on behalf of Quadrant Properties, said that work has been delayed because of problems with other properties owned by the company.

He said: “The reason it is boarded up and has barbed wire surrounding it is because of the high crime rate in the area.

“It’s a measure we have taken to prevent people vandalising it I’m afraid.

“Unfortunately, we have 39 properties with people living in them and they have to take priority. An empty house does not demand immediate attention like one with a young family does so our contractors are naturally tied up elsewhere.

“Obviously, it is within our interests to make improvements and have somebody inside and as soon as we can do so we will.”

Wigan Council says it is in touch with the owner and is satisfied with its current state but is monitoring the situation.

They have offered to facilitate repairs themselves but Quadrant Properties have insisted they have the resources to carry them out.

Head of Housing at Wigan Council, Peter Layland, said: “The council can confirm the property in question is in private ownership and therefore we have only limited powers to intervene, although we continue to consider all options available to us.

“We have been aware of past issues with regards to security, graffiti and litter. As a result we have worked hard to ensure that the landlord carries out his obligations.

“As a result, the property is now secure, has a reasonable appearance and is clear of rubbish. The council has made extensive efforts to bring the property back into use, including an offer to facilitate the necessary repairs, find a tenant and to manage the property on a leasehold basis.

“We are still in dialogue with the landlord and, whilst timescales have slipped, he continues to promise to invest in the property and bring it back into use.”