Speed camera may be causing poor driving

Shevington Lane, Shevington (Google Maps)
Shevington Lane, Shevington (Google Maps)

A WIGAN road has become a ‘dangerous braking black spot’ because of its speed camera, a new report has claimed.

The fixed speed camera on Shevington Lane, Shevington, is causing drivers to desperately slam on their brakes in a bid to avoid being caught, according to the study by driver data firm Wunelli.

The report called ‘speed cameras don’t work’ claims that they ‘encourage poor driving behaviour’ and that hard braking at fixed camera sites is six times higher than the norm.

Paul Stacy, founding director of Wunelli said: “I’m not in favour of speeding and not adverse to speed cameras.

“But these findings really put into question the value of speed cameras as a road safety tool. Instead they appear to encourage poor driving behaviour.

“After hard braking drivers often speed up again. Questions must be asked about the long term effectiveness of these cameras.”

It analysed more than a billion miles of driving behaviour data which to reveal the braking black spots across the UK created by speed cameras, based on motorists braking excessively just before speed cameras to avoid being caught.

Experts did this by measuring the number of incidents of hard braking within 50m of the camera and compared it to the same number in the distance between 50m and 100m at fixed sites in residential areas with limits of 30mph,40mph and 50mph.

The B5206, Shevington Lane has been named as the fourth worst in the country for hard braking with a six-fold increase than the norm.

In the worst cases, the incidence of hard breaking near speed cameras was 11 times the norm.

Experts said their study highlighted ‘the potentially dangerous effects of certain speed deterrents on driving behaviour as speeding drivers take erratic measures, such as braking harshly, to avoid being penalised’.

AA president Edmund King said: “This is a syndrome we recognise in some locations particular where speed cameras are not well signed.

“It’s not across the board. But it does happen where drivers come around a corner and suddenly see a speed camera which has not been well sign-posted in advance.

“If the cameras truly are positioned at accident black spots, then there must be adequate warnings to drivers to slowdown. Otherwise there’s the risk that a driver will see a yellow box, panic, and slam on the anchors.”