Speed cameras to net phone drivers

Wiganers have given a mixed reaction to a report that mobile speed cameras are now able to catch motorists commiting other offences such as not wearing a seatbelt or using their mobile phones.

Monday, 25th April 2016, 8:43 am
Updated Monday, 25th April 2016, 10:48 am

While most backed the enforcement, offering a “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” attitude, some labelled it as a money-making scheme.

A national newspaper claimed cameras can catch drivers using a mobile at the wheel then use speed measuring equipment to record the offence and use it as evidence for a prosecution.

The report added: “But the safety camera vans can also enforce mobile phone offences, as well as drivers not wearing a seat belt - which all also carry penalty points and a fine.”

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The Evening Post’s Facebook request for views drew the following reaction:

Michelle Martin Barlow wrote: “Brilliant idea although I don’t think people will stick to it. The amount of drivers I see using phones and missing that the lights are on red or something is ridiculous especially when I have kids with me and you think it’s safe to cross!”

Gill Greenhalgh agreed saying: “Good. Sick of people using mobile in cars. Poolstock Lane you’ll make a fortune especially between 8.30am and 9.30am.”

Dave Cox said: “Love the idea, catching crime and whilst I agree with the 44 in a 40 zone, its the law, I agree its stupid, but its a law.”

But the cameras also have their critics.

James Bagnall said: “They pass it off under the title of ‘road safety’ but it isn’t. Just like normal mobile speed cameras it won’t be implemented where the offences would cause the most damage if an accident occurred such as near schools to protect the lives of children.

“It will be implemented where it will rake in the most amount of money.”

Jonathan Lamb simply wrote: “Money grabbing” while Mike Mcgee added: “Cash cow!”

Dave Withington said: “No problem with this apart from they need to be visible instead of hiding behind bushes.”

Nat Carter disagreed, saying: “It doesn’t matter where they park or if they’re hidden or not. If you aren’t breaking the law then there’s nothing to worry about

Paul Curless added: “To all those slating the law, calling them sneaky, using terms like ‘cash cow’ etc, it’s simple really,If you can’t do the time, DON’T do the crime’. If you are busted, however minor you think the offence is, there’s only one person to blame.”