Speeding drivers are ‘dangerous’

John Belshaw, who wants traffic calming measures introduced on Caunce Road, Scholes
John Belshaw, who wants traffic calming measures introduced on Caunce Road, Scholes

A WIGAN man is urging drivers to consider their speed along a ‘dangerous’ bend in a busy residential area.

John Belshaw, 62, is concerned about road safety in Caunce Road, Scholes, after he witnessed cars speeding round a sharp bend in the residential street.

Following Wigan Council road safety bosses’ announcement last month that it would introduce a 20mph speed limit in residential streets, John said he welcomed the plans, but added that more needs to be done to ensure pedestrian safety.

He voiced his concerns after his daughter’s cat Louis was run over in the street and he fears it was ‘only a matter of time’ before someone was run over.

John, a grandfather-of-two from Whelley, said: “At the moment there is the usual 30mph speed restriction, but that is too fast, considering there is a really dangerous bend.

“There are a lot of families who live in the street and on a sunny afternoon children as young as two are playing out.

“I can hear tyres screeching as drivers take the bend and I am concerned that one day there will be a fatality.

“It is only a matter of time when a child gets knocked down.

“I am pleased the council plans to make every residential road 20mph, but this will still take time. They will prioritise areas where there have been a lot of accidents first, but we should not wait for that. We need to stop it happening in the first place.

“Not all drivers take notice of the speed restrictions and would drive at 30mph anyway, so we need other measures such as sleeping policemen before and after the bend in order to slow cars down.”

Cabinet member with responsibility for road safety Coun Kevin Anderson said it wouldn’t be possible to do all the streets at once, and those with the worst accident records would be done first. He said: “We will consult with local residents about additional traffic calming measures and work with the police on the implementation.

“We look forward to a big reduction in the number of families who have to cope with the tragedy of a road traffic accident for one of their children.”