'˜Spirits deserve to be treated with respect' say ghost-hunters

A Wigan ghost-hunting duo say treating spirits with the utmost respect is a key part of their paranormal investigations.

Friday, 17th March 2017, 2:18 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:44 am
D.S. Ghost Hunts investigate paranormal activity across the country
D.S. Ghost Hunts investigate paranormal activity across the country

Sonya and David Smalley have been running D.S. Ghost Hunts for just over a year, having been keen ghost hunters for the best part of a decade.

And the couple say the group is specifically not-for-profit because “you shouldn’t make money off the dead.”

Sonya said: “A lot of people are in it for the money, which is wrong.

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“You can get ghost hunts which can be around £70 per person. It’s wrong because you never know what’s going to happen. You can’t just tell the spirits to go and play.”

The 31-year-old said the group aims to be as sensitive as possible when trying to connect with the ghosts of the dead.

“We wanted to make sure people were doing this in the right way. We give respect to the spirits, no matter who they were - even if they were a murderer or a rapist. In death, they have paid the ultimate price with their life.”

D.S. Ghost Hunts also have insurance to make sure their spooky activities are as safe as possible, and never go into a building without the owner’s permission.

“Some buildings are far too dangerous, and we can’t go. Like Camelot for example, you see people going in on the internet all the time. We’d love to do that, but it’s just too dangerous.”

But the lack of danger doesn’t diminish the scare factor for Sonya and 34-year-old husband Dave.

“When something goes bang, it gets your mind running,” Sonya said.

The couple, who live in Higher Ince, said they were hooked right from the start after curiously stumbling across a ghost hunt night.

Sonya said: “We were bored one night, and saw this ghost hunt online.

“We went along to the event and we were hooked.

“It was better than going out drinking, it got our hearts pumping.”

She was also quick to dispel “common misconceptions” about the paranormal community.

“We know it’s not just our minds playing tricks on us.

“None of us are going to tamper with a ouija board, for example.

“You just need to have a bit of trust in what you’re doing.”

Everyone is welcome at the events, although ghoulish activity can’t be guaranteed.

For more information and to take part in a ghost hunt, visit dsghosthunts.co.uk

One in three British people believe in ghosts, according to a recent survey.

The YouGov poll, produced in 2014, found that 34 per cent of Brits have a belief in the supernatural.

The study also showed that nine per cent also said they had communicated with the dead.

Spookily, five per cent of those people even said they had communicated with the afterlife more than once!