Spooky escape room opens in historic mill

Visitors to an historic mill are in for a spooky shock thanks to a new escape room putting a supernatural spin on the popular attraction.

Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 9:39 am
Updated Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 10:39 am
Kevin Sumner and Tony Hindley in their escape room 1427 Potter Lane and spiritual shop Little Shop of Horrocks, at Leigh Spinners Mill

Tony Hindley and Kevin Sumner have set up Supernatural Escape in the grade-II listed Leigh Spinners Mill and are inviting escapees to pit their wits against an array of challenges in a scary setting.

Their game, 1427 Potter Lane (the unusual name is remaining shrouded in mystery), gives those trapped in the room a set amount of time to crack all the puzzles in order to get out.

And Tony says players are faced with a particularly grisly plot line and a few unusual twists on the challenges set by other escape rooms.

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He said: “It’s an abandoned apartment and some not very nice black magic has occurred there.

“A paranormal investigator went in to investigate and got killed. You need to find the body, but there will be things in the escape room making it harder.

“We did our research and did a few escape rooms ourselves, but we’re trying to go for something completely different. Hopefully it will be successful.”

Tony, who lives in Hindley, says he and Kevin wanted to bring the idea of the escape room to Leigh as residents currently have to travel to Wigan, Atherton or even further afield to try out the games.

They have found an ideal location on the third level of the former mill on Park Lane and are in the process of creating a small hub of attractions dedicated to the occult and arcane.

Tony and his partner Kevin have a spiritual shop on site and are already planning a second escape room, again with a supernatural theme, and also building a 100-seat theatre which can be used for clairvoyant evenings and similar events as well as hired out.

Tony said: “The second escape room will probably be more to do with the exorcism and demonic side of things.”

He and Kevin have also been gauging the reaction of those who have played 1427 Potter Lane.

He said: “We had one girl who cried. We’ve been running a survey and one of the questions is how scared people were. Most people have put somewhat or very scared.”

Due to some of the twists Tony and Kevin have put into 1427 Potter Lane the game is currently only for those 15 or over, but parents of younger children can discuss with them putting on a version of the challenge with some of the shocks toned down a bit.

Tony has set up the espace room after running paranormal experience and ghost hunting firm Supernatural Diaries for the last few years, while Kevin is combining the new venture with his day job in parking.

For more information visit www.supernaturaldiaries.co.uk