Staff apologise as centre faces heavy workload

Margaret Mullaney
Margaret Mullaney

A WIGAN mum says her Gulf War veteran son was failed by the borough’s health services after a seven-hour wait to be seen.

Margaret Mullaney blasted two local medical centres when Warren, who suffers from mental health issues, had to visit both Leigh walk-in centre and Ince GP out-of-hours medical centre before being examined.

And the 46-year-old former soldier, who fought in Kuwait in the 1990-91 War, was only finally treated in Ince at 10.15pm after arriving in Leigh at 3pm suffering from the effects of a serious virus. Mrs Mullaney of Hindley described her son’s condition as uncontrollably shaking with “sky-high” blood pressure.

She said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous that we can’t receive adequate and fast care. We’re the type of people who never bother going to the doctors. But when Warren called at mine on this day he was on fire and I could tell there was something seriously wrong. I’m disabled and so it wasn’t easy for us flitting from one surgery to another.”

Warren has been fighting a series of illnesses since he returned from the Gulf more than 20 years ago. He experiences flashbacks and suffers from a “burning” sensation in his skin which Mrs Mullaney claims is the result of being poisoned by injections he was given before he went to the Middle East. He also battles manic depression, is bipolar and is a recovering alcoholic.

A spokesman for Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust said: “We are unable to provide comments on individual cases, without the written consent of the patient, but are always interested to hear about the experiences of our patients. Anyone who wishes to make a comment, complaint or raise a concern can contact 0800 587 0562 or”