Stan Bigley - My brother’s body will never be found

Brothers Stan (glasses) and Philip Bigley (dark shirt) and (below) Ken
Brothers Stan (glasses) and Philip Bigley (dark shirt) and (below) Ken

THE Wigan brother of a hostage brutally murdered by militants nine years ago says he does not think his remains will ever been found.

Stan Bigley, who lives in Whelley, spoke exclusively to the Wigan Evening Post today after it was claimed that there may be a breakthrough in the long hunt for sibling Ken’s body in Iraq.

Ken Bigley

Ken Bigley

Ken Bigley was among a number of western workers kidnapped by Islamists in 2004, paraded on television for several days before being beheaded. The barbaric “executions” provoked international disgust and condemnation.

Ken and Stan’s brother Paul, who lives in Amsterdam, have since spearheaded the search for the final resting place of the 62-year-old Liverpool engineer.

He said this week that searches were now being made of a plot said to contain a number of bodies on the outskirts of Fallujah in central Iraq.

He said: “Good contacts in Iraq say the chances of Ken being among them is very high.

“Now the war is over there is more openness from the Iraqis.” But 75-year-old Stan Bigley said: “I have got no hope of finding Ken at all. It is our Paul who has done this in Amsterdam and we haven’t spoken to him about it.

“But I am an ex-serviceman and I know that people like those insurgents don’t give you anything back. My brother Philip rang the Home Office about it but they hadn’t any information to give us.

“If they do find him it will be sheer luck and down to getting a DNA trace.”

Another identification clue, were a body to be found, would be titanium plates pinned to Ken’s leg in the aftermath of a road smash in 1987.

The boss of the gang believed responsible for Ken’s murder, Abu Musab al-Zaqawi, was killed in a US air strike north of Baghdad seven years ago.