Stay safe on the winter roads

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MOTORISTS in Wigan are being advised about the best ways to stay safe on the roads this winter.

Corkills, in Wallgate, Wigan, suggests switching to winter tyres in low temperatures will dramatically improve a car’s performance, and is highlighting the importance of making sure a car is ready for the winter.

Carl Hazleton, brand manager at Corkills Wigan, said: “The easiest way to ensure a car is ready for the cold weather is having a winter safety check.

“We offer free fitting and balancing on all winter tyres and wheel sets, and a free Express Visual Check to help ensure a car is ready for winter.”

The big freeze in 2010 caused a dramatic reduction in the volume of road traffic across the UK, resulting in the lowest level of road traffic recorded since 2003.

Carl added: “Many people aren’t aware that once the road temperature drops below 7 degrees, normal tyres start to under-perform.

“Motorists can significantly improve a car’s grip and performance in these colder conditions by fitting winter tyres.

“Motorists should pack a winter breakdown kit in the boot, including a spade or shovel, blankets and food.”