Stop cuts to victim compensation

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MAKERFIELD’S MP is campaigning to stop cuts to compensation for victims of crime.

She has called on the Government to confirm that they will not go ahead with plans to slash compensation for 90% of injured victims of crime.

The Minister for Justice withdrew proposals to drastically cut the budget of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme following criticism from MPs on all sides at a Committee meeting on 10 September.

However, the Government have since stated that they are still “committed to reforming the criminal injuries compensation scheme to put it on a sustainable financial footing” (Government jargon for cutting the budget) and have re-tabled the changes to the Scheme to be put to Parliament by 22 October.

This would mean that, if passed, the cuts would affect any claim made after November 5.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is the only means by which many victims who are seriously injured by a criminal can gain any compensation to help them through the difficult time and to make up for wages they may have lost.

The Scheme also helps the dependent children of murder and manslaughter victims.

Yvonne Fovargue said: “The Tory-led Government’s plans to cut financial support for the innocent victims of crime, shows how out of touch this Government is. It is hard to believe that the Government are still determined to cut the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme after MPs from both sides criticised the cuts and the effect they would have on the injured victims of crime.”